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AHI Swim Team Bio

Team Bio for the AHI Swim Team

Download AHI Bio 2018

2018 Team Bio for the AHI Swim Team

American Canyon

American Canyon Aquatic Center Info

Swim Center Address: American Canyon High School, 3000 Newell Dr, American Canyon, CA 94503

Swim Team Mailing Address:101 West American Canyon Rd., #508-108, American Canyon, CA 94503

AHI Swim Team Info:

Email address:

Head Coach:

Kevin Chester

*Our Meets are run with HY-TEK Meet Manager; we request that each team provide our Computer Techs with a complete list of their team’s entries 48 hours prior to the scheduled meet.(No later than 6pm on Thursdays for Saturday morning meets)

Please forward entires to our Hy-Tek manager, Ron Fine,

Swim Meet info: The American Canyon Pool doors will open at the designated time; parents who arrive early will not be allowed into the facility until the designated time.

  • Check-in Time30 minutes prior to swim meet (Visiting Meet Director)
  • Saturday Meets: 8:30-1pm

Doors Open: 7:15am

Visiting Team Warm-ups: 8:00am-8:25am

AHI’s Warm-ups: 7:30am-7:55am

  • Lane Assignments:

Visiting Team: Odd number lanes

AHI Team: Even number lanes

Pool Facility Capacity:

To accommodate both the AHI and the visiting swim team and spectators. Swim teams are asked to set up camp (chairs, tents, blankets etc) outside of the pool fence and come inside to watch events.

  • Home Camp: Basketball courts outside of pool fence (school side)
  • Visitor Camp area:Basketball courts outside of pool fence area (football field side)
  • Visiting Team Parent Work Assignments:
  • Volunteer Coordinator: 1 (on call contact person for team for meet questions)
  • Timers: 9 with own stopwatches (2 per even # lanes and 1 per odd # lanes)
  • Recorders: 3 (in odd # lanes)
  • Ribbons Writers: 1
  • Stroke & Turn: 2 (rotate shifts)
  • Shepherds: Team’s own parent volunteer

Block Manager:All individual swimmer events (all age groups) will be seated via our “Block Manager”. Block Manager is a mini-Clerk of the Course. It is located just outside the pool gate near the basketball courts/ team areas. From the Block Manager swimmers will be led to the starting blocks. Shepherds may accompany swimmers. Relays may proceed directly to the starting areas (no Block Manager Check in for Relays.)

Ribbons:Ribbons are provided for individuals placing 1st-6thplace overall, heat winners for individual events with multiple heats and 1stand 2ndfor relays. Participation ribbons are provided for all swimmers. Scoring will follow league rules.

Order of Events:Number of Heats

Medley Relay 1 heat

IM 1 heat

Freestyle 3 heats

Breaststroke 2 heats

Butterfly 2 heats

Backstroke 3 heats

Free relay 1 heat

25 yard distance event starts:8 & under will have dive starts from the edge of the pool in the deep end opposite the timers.

Snack Bar: The AHI Team Snack Bar is open on Saturday Morning from 8:00am-Noon. On Saturday morning meets we will sell hot breakfast items and BBQ hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch. We will also sell a wide variety of drinks, snack items and candy.

Directions: From Concord

680 N across the Benicia Bridge

780 W

80 N toward Sacramento

Exit Hwy 37

Take exit 20 for Fairgrounds Dr toward Discovery Kingdom

Turn right onto Fairgrounds Dr

Continue onto Flosden Rd

Continue onto Newell Dr

American Canyon High School, 3000 Newell Dr, American Canyon, CA 94503

Parking:ACHS has a large parking lot with ample parking. 

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