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Team Handbook

AHI Swim Team of American Canyon is a member of the Twin-County Swim League. This is a competitive recreational swim team league designed for ages 4-18.

The AHI swim team is dedicated to improving each swimmer’s fitness level, stroke proficiency, and the opportunity to participate in regulation swim meets. Each swimmer must be able to swim 25yds without stopping. Parent participation is required. Meets will be held Saturday mornings.

AHI Swim Team Handbook

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American Canyon High School Aquatic Center Info:

Address: 3000 Newell Drive

American Canyon 94503

AHI Swim Team Info: Email address:


Swim season runs April - July. 
Practices for those qualifying for County Finals will be held August 5th-August 15th.

AHI Board of Director Duties:


  • Attend monthly board meetings
  • Set agendas for monthly meetings
  • Oversees all board positions to ensure jobs are completed
  • Set dates for swim season in coordination with League and City of American Canyon
  • Coordinate rental agreements with facilities/city for pool usage (attend meetings)
  • Ensures all employees have passed background screening and taken Child Abuse Prevention Training per city requirements
  • Select team suit and set date with Nor Cal for fitting and date for Team Pictures
  • Entered swimmer entries for League finals (collected money and entered into computer)
  • Updated registration paperwork, Team Bio, Parent Handbook etc.
  • Advertise coaching positions as needed, collect applications and tax forms from coaches
  • Advertise nomination info and seek members to fill core jobs for year (asking for feedback and interest etc.)

Vice President Fundraising:

  • Attends all board meetings
  • Solicits sponsorship for the team (business)
  • Obtains prize donations for raffle at team’s home swim meets and for drawing top prize earners
  • Coordinates ordering of drawing tickets, distribution of tickets and money collection
  • Coordinate with fundraising core position coordinator to help with collection of tickets, counting money for deposit(s) and acquiring prizes
  • Fills in for president in their absence

Vice President Core Position Coordinator:

  • Attends all board meetings
  • Fill in for President in his/her absence
  • Schedules Dine and Donate nights
  • Coordinate with all core position coordinators to ensure job is understood (train as needed) and completed in timely fashion. Be the point person for questions: Computer, Ribbons/Awards Ceremony, Website, Family Events, Snack Bar and Apparel


  • Attends all board meetings
  • Keeps and distributes minutes for monthly board meetings
  • Sends advertisement flyers to District Office for approval
  • Deliver registration flyers to the school sites in American Canyon (Elementary and Middle)
  • Coordinate with NorCal swim shop for apparel
  • Gets mail from PO Box each month

Volunteer Coordinator:

  • Attends monthly board meetings
  • Posts core jobs to be filled before end of season (ask previous person if they would like to continue/find new person to fill job if not)
  • Communicate with volunteer coordinators from other League Teams in regards to work assignments for meets.
  • Fill jobs for dual league meets and League Finals
  • Post at parent meeting/have binder available for signups during season
  • Send list of filled jobs/ need to fill to communication coordinator to go out in an email week before the meet.
  • Check in/out volunteers during meets and be the “go to” person for volunteer concerns/needs
  • Track volunteer hours and send updates of units earned to date at least 3 times during season (via communications coordinator)
  • Distribute checks at awards ceremony if family fulfills units


  • Attends all board meetings
  • Provides monthly financial report for board meeting
  • Keeps accurate financial records for the team
  • Sets budget annually
  • Renews team insurance policy by March of each year
  • Reimburses committee members for expenses
  • Deposits monies earned through fundraising & snack bar
  • Ensures tax return is filed annually and 1099’s mailed (coordinates with team accountant if needed)

Communications Coordinator:

  • Attends all board meetings
  • Coordinate rental agreement with NVUSD for parent meeting
  • Sets up new files in swimmer file cabinet
  • Updates email addresses after registration in gmail account
  • Sends out information via email to families & coaching staff regarding events Communicates with website director regarding information that needs to be posted
  • Distributes flyers for events in family files and/or at swim meets to the families
  • Make phone calls to families as needed if they do not have email

Registration Coordinator:

  • Attend all board meetings.
  • Liaison and point of contact for families and Board of Directors to head the registration process
  • Place Signage around American Canyon to advertise swim team (late Jan) and registration dates. Take down signage in May after swim season has begun.
  • Order new signs if needed.
  • Copy registration packet and advertising flyers (update as needed)
  • Prepare registration packets (Registration, photo consent, volunteer deposit,
  • Attend registration dates (3)
  • Be available for new registrations once season has begun (set a couple of dates meet up at pool)
  • Keep up to date roster and communicate this info with Board and coaches.

League Representative:

  • Attends all AHI Board meetings
  • Attends monthly league meetings in Martinez
  • Act as liaison between League and AHI in communicating information
  • Assist with planning meetings (weekly during July), setup and cleanup for the Twin Counties League Meet

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many volunteers does it take to put on a Home Meet?

  • It takes at least 50 people to put on a Home Meet.

Do we need volunteers for Away Meets?

  • Yes! We need at least 25 volunteers for Away Meets.

Where and when do I sign up to be a volunteer?

  • Sign-up begins at registration. The sign-up book will also be available during swim practices in the parent folders box.

How many units do I need to complete as a volunteer?

  • Each family needs to complete 30 units.
  • Each position is assigned a number of units.

What kinds of volunteer opportunities are there?

  • There are AHI Board positions, core positions, swim meet assignments, fundraisers and the Open Swim snack bar.

What if there are not enough units for me to get 30 units?

  • There are always units available. Please contact your Volunteer Coordinator for possible ideas.

May I get someone else to work for me?

  • Yes. If the person is at least 13 years old they can fill your spot. The teen/other family member would need to sign in/out with the volunteer coordinator at the event.
  • Your family will get credits for the units worked by the teen or the other family member.

There is no way I can help and I cannot find another person to work for me!

  • You may “Buy-Out” by submitting a check for $300 to AHI Swim Team. If you “Buy-Out” you will not be required to volunteer. While “Buy-Out” is available we strongly encourage your volunteer participation!If during the previous swim season your family did not attempt to volunteer, and the deposit was cashed, a “buy-out” will be required at time of new swim season registration. For families required to participate in the “buy-out” arrangements can be made to return this amount if volunteer units are completed during new swim season.

Is it possible to earn all 30 units in one job?

  • Yes, fill a Core Activity Planning position that is right for you! Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator to sign up or for more information. There are a few positions that are 15 units which you can also add on!

AHI Parent Volunteers:

The participation of AHI families is essential to the success of the AHI Swim Team program. Parent participation is a great way to support your children and get to know other families in the community.

There are two primary types of volunteer positions: Swim Meet and Core Volunteers. Aside from the differences in the tasks themselves, Core Volunteers fulfill all/most of their units with a single job done throughout the season. Meet volunteers on the other hand must fill out their units by carrying out various roles throughout the season. This also includes away meets, where the AHI swim families will be required to fill positions.

There are NO jobs that aren’t important. All jobs need to be filled to make our swim season a success!

All families must complete 30 units to fulfill their volunteer requirements!

Work Deposit and Buyout Policy: The yearly work deposit is $300 and can be rolled over to the next year. If a family opts not to work, they may pay $300 to buy out for the season. The $300 work deposit is a commitment of 30 work credit units made by the swim family. If the family makes this commitment and fails to fulfill their work credits for that season,  they forfeit the $300. They will also be required to pay $300 as their new work deposit for that season.

Core Volunteer Positions:

Your family can earn a lot of units with one of the following:

Volunteer Coordinator 30 Units

  • Be available at meets for “check-in/out” with volunteers
  • Go over job responsibilities with parent volunteers prior to the first swim meet (or anyone new to the job)
  • Provide sign-up sheets for swim meets (home and away)
  • Remind families one week prior to the event of the job they have signed up for
  • Assist families with volunteer sign-ups and any changes
  • Provide guidance to volunteers
  • Contact any family who has not shown up for their volunteer position
  • Track status of volunteer units completed & communicate status to families and AHI Swim Board
  • It is ultimately the responsibility of the family to find a replacement for their job

Fundraiser Coordinator 30 units

  • Advisable to begin planning in April
  • Promote fundraiser through flyers in family folders, posters around the pool, emails to families
  • Work with coaches to provide information so they can communicate with the swimmers about event
  • Recruit volunteers for the event
  • Coordinate food planning with Board approval
  • Supervise volunteers at event
  • Track amount raised by each swimmer

Open Swim Snack Bar Coordinator/Buyer 30 units

  • Take inventory
  • Provide inventory numbers to AHI Treasurer prior to purchase
  • Receive check for purchases prior to purchase and turn in receipts
  • Purchase all concession items needed throughout the summer Open Swim Season
  • Create calendar for volunteer sign-ups for staffing the Snack Bar during Open Swim
  • Encourage/remind families of need for participation through email/flyers

Data Entry 30 units

  • Load “Hi-Tek Manager” program onto home computer
  • Receive information from both swim teams prior to home swim meet and enter information into computer program. Information entered would be events/heat each swimmer is swimming and their most recent time.

Print out sheets prior to swim meet for coaches, shepherds and for posting at the meet.

Family Event Coordinator 30 units

  • Plan social activities for AHI swim families ( 4th of July parade/ Day at the Water park etc.)
  • Plan spirit rallies prior to swim meets for kids to get ready and excited… color hair, put on swim tattoos, cheer, paint cars with car window paint (for away meets)
  • Coordinate with Communications Coordinator for advertisement of upcoming events through emails and flyers to family folders
  • Recruit volunteers for event & coordinate dates with AHI Swim Board

Spirit wear/Swimsuit/Team Picture Coordinator 30 units

  • Promote spirit wear sales through emails or flyers to family folders
  • Place pickup, distribute orders to families. Account for money and turn into treasurer.
  • Advertise team picture date and work with communications coordinator
    • Distribute order forms to team members, coordinate with photographer, distribute pictures
    • Be available on picture day to help photographer with set-up and parent questions
    • Be the liaison between vendor and swim team treasurer.
    • Assist families with any problems with orders

League Meet Coordinator 30 units

  • Promote League Meet through email, website, flyers in Family Folders
  • Create and distribute swimmer sign-up sheets and collect fees. Give coach summary of sign-ups (coach will submit them.)
  • Give Treasurer fees.
  • League Rep will give you list of daily League Meet volunteer positions; ensure members from all participating families have signed up to work at the meet.
  • Provide guidance to volunteers during League Meet.
  • Please direct questions and all budget requests (in advance) to your Board Advisor: President

Star Swimmer 30 units

  • Develop Star Board based on historical times that rewards swimmers with stars for beating their personal best times (placed in family folders)
  • Create Info Sheet about Star Board at beginning of season and post on website
  • Track times during season and award stars and certificates to swimmers at rallies.
  • Please direct questions & all budget requests (in advance) to your Board Advisor.

Ribbon Coordinator 30 units

  • Inventory and Purchase Ribbons confirm end-of-year inventory from prior swim season
  • Order ribbons and have them sorted PRIOR May 15
  • Perform end-of-year inventor and give to Treasurer
  • Provide guidance to Ribbon Volunteers
  • Home Meets: be sure to get ribbons to visiting team
  • Away Meets: apply stickers and bring back BSR ribbons to Family Folders
  • Away Meets: bring back ribbons is only duty
  • Field all ribbon questions and concerns, sometimes swimmer gets the wrong ribbon or ribbon shows wrong time and sometimes there are questions about other teams ribbon policies.
  • Maintain and update binder for this coordinator position
  • Please direct questions & all budget requests (in advance) to your Board Advisor.

Twin Counties Swim Board AHI Representative 30 units

  • Attend monthly meetings to represent AHI (second Monday of each month at 6:30pm in Martinez)
  • Attend additional meetings to plan league meet (during summer)
  • Assist with setup & cleanup for league meet

Registration Coordinator 30 units

  • Secure the registration facility
  • Place signage around American Canyon & collect
  • Distribute flyers to schools last week of February, Second distribution third week of March
  • Copy and put registration packets together
  • Attend registration and be point of contact for questions
  • Available at least twice a week at practice to take new registrations through June.
  • Distribute flyers in recreation department and pool office
  • Provide update to website administrator for registration

Team Website30 units

  • Manage/Update AHI Team Website information during the season
  • Advertise AHI team website to members through flyers/emails

Award Ceremony Coordinator 15 units

  • Reserve date with Aquatics Director/Recreation office for pool usage
  • Order cakes, purchase plates, napkins, forks & drinks
  • Plan swimmer awards (order medals, certificates, coach appreciation)
  • Communicate plans with AHI Swim Board
  • Coordinate Election of New Board Members (begin this process in July & announce at awards)

Swim Meet Volunteer Positions:


  • Announce all events
  • Start all races
  • Fun job! Watch the entire meet!

“Set-Up” Deck Volunteer

  • Arrive at one hour before home meets
  • Set up awnings, tables, chairs, computer, sound system and more
  • Help set up and then enjoy the meet!

Head Timer

  • Start and stop 2 stopwatches for each event
  • For any Timer who needs a replacement, give one of the 2 you have
  • Collect stopwatches at the end of the meet and turn into the Volunteer Coordinator


  • Start and stop stopwatch for each event
  • Show time to the Lane Recorder
  • Be prepared to be Recorder in addition to Timer if the Recorder is a “no show”

Relief Timer

  • Start and stopwatch for each event
  • Show time to the Lane Recorder
  • Provide rotating relief for AHI timers in assigned (15 breaks)

Lane Recorder

  • Record times for each swimmer from the Timers
  • Record accurate time from stopwatch (no rounding off); circle median time
  • Hand paper to Paper Runner

Lane Runner

  • Collect time sheets after each event from the Lane Recorders and put into lane order
  • Give time sheets to Data Entry at computer desk
  • Collect “DQ” slips from the Stroke and Turn Judges and place with time record sheets
  • Not a sitting job! If you like to be “on the go” this is the job for you!


  • Get clipboard of events/swimmers and banner from the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Gather age group swimmers 3 events prior to theirs
  • Help swimmers find correct lane for each event
  • Turn in your Shepherd Materials to Volunteer Coordinator at the end of the meet

Ribbon Volunteer

  • Attach event results on ribbons
  • Away Meets: attach stickers and bring ribbons back to file in family folders

Concessions Shift “Set-Up and Sales”

  • Arrive 1/2 hour prior to home meet to set up concessions
  • Sell Concessions
  • Provide hospitality to timers/recorders/coaches/judges
  • Clean-up concession area (wipe down counters, refill drinks etc and take trash bags to dumpster

Stroke and Turn Judge

  • Weekend training class is required
  • Disqualify swimmers if strokes not up to standards
  • Disqualify swimmers if wall not touched

“Take-Down” Deck Volunteers

  • Take down awnings, tables, chairs, and sound system
  • Return items to pool storage shed
  • Clean up pool deck (sweep, empty garbage, collect lost & found items)

Data Entry

  • Training necessary if new!
  • Responsible for computer entry of EACH swimmer for each event
  • Print out stickers for Ribbon Volunteers
  • Print out official results of the meet for Head Coaches of both teams

A list of all swimmer equipment that you will need to have at every practice and swim meets:

  • Backpack or Duffle Bag
  • Swim Cap (2)
  • Swimsuits (2)
  • Goggles (2)
  • Sandals, water shoes, or flip flops
  • Towels (2 or more)
  • Sunscreen

Items parents should bring to every swim meet:

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Towel (an extra one is nice to have)
  • Chairs
  • Cooler
  • Canopy or umbrella
  • Sleeping bag or blanket

What to Expect at Swim Meets:

The American Canyon Pool doors will open at the designated time; parents who arrive early will not be allowed into the facility until the designated time.

Check-in Time: Swimmers are to check-in at Swimmer Check-in table. They will have a warm-up time and then be expected to know when their races are coming up.

Saturday Meets: 8:30-1:00pm

Doors Open: 7:00am

AHI’s Warm-ups: 7:20am-7:50am

Visiting Team Warm-ups: 7:55am-8:25am

Lane Assignments:

Visiting Team: Odd number lanes

AHI Team: Even number lanes

Home Camp: Grassy Area inside “picnic area” and outside picnic area between pool and Donaldson Way Playground.

We cannot set-up camp inside pool deck.
Visitor Camp area: Grassy area between pool and sidewalk (street side) We cannot set-up camp inside pool deck

Ribbons: Ribbons are provided for individual events 1st – 6th, Heat winner ribbons will be provided for all individuals that place first heats 2 through 6. Relays that place 1st and 2nd will receive a ribbon for each swimmer. Participation ribbons are provided for all swimmers. Scoring will follow league rules.
Order of Events:

Medley Relay

Individual Medley





Freestyle Relay

Shallow Water Starts: There is no diving in the shallow end of the pool. (8 & under will have “in water” starts for relays)

Snack Bar: The AHI Team Snack Bar is open on Saturday Morning from 8:00am-Noon. On Saturday morning meets we will sell continental breakfast items as well as a wide variety of drinks, snack items and candy.

Directions to Swim Meets:


Team Rallies held every Friday night before a dual meet! Have fun and find out your swimmer’s events.
See tab on our website with information regarding away swim meets (directions, event information, set-up location for visiting team and snack bar offering)

Twin Counties Swim League Finals:

AHI League Finals Rally: Is held the Friday night before League Finals in the pool parking lot (by the Boys’ & Girls club) at 5:30pm! Decorate your cars and yourselves the “AHI” style and get our swimmers excited to swim! There will be a short parent meeting also.

  • Arrival time Saturday 6:30 am:
  • Departure time Saturday: We hope that everyone stays to watch the coach and parent relays (and some of our parents can participate) and then for the League finals results announcements and award ceremonies (finishes about 4:30 pm)

The coaches will be focusing on the swimmers on deck while they swim to cheer on the swimmers. Please direct any meet related questions during the meet to our Team Marshall.

What to Expect at League Finals:

  • Check in first at the “AHI Campsite” and be ready to stay! Bring chairs, pop-ups/sunshades, blankets, lots of towels, parkas, games/activities for the kids, sunscreen, drinks, food etc. Pop-ups can be left overnight until Sunday.
  • Meet Program will be posted in our site & you may buy your own. Mark your swimmer’s hands in the following way: stroke, heat, and lane. Put your swimmer’s last name on their back shoulder to help the Clerk of the Course volunteers.
  • There will be an opening ceremony in the pool area on Saturday morning.
  • Swimmers hang out in our area and our Team Marshall listens via radio as to which event they are calling.
  • Shepherds will bring the swimmers (6-12 yrs) to the seating area at the Clerk of the Course (a swim meet organizing system) and the Clerk of the Course volunteers ensure kids get to their correct heat and lane assignment.
  • Once the swimmers are seated at the Clerk of the Course shepherds and parents may go in to the pool to wait and watch the event. To keep the meet running smoothly parents are to wait outside of the Clerk of the Course area.
  • When the swimmer finishes their event parents can go around congratulating their child after they finish their race. Kids exit to the right of the blocks when you are facing the pool.
  • There will be some areas roped off during the swim meet that parents may not enter.
  • Warm-down section of the pool is only for swimmers ages 13 and up.
  • Volunteers are to sign in at our campsite.
    • There will be meeting for Deck Marshalls, Stroke and Turn Judges, Clerk of the Course, First Aid and Computer Techs. If you are working one of these positions please attend when called.
    • Please watch the clock as to when you need to check in for your jobs. There are shifts throughout the day for timers, runners, clerk of the course, first aid and stroke and turn judges, deck marshals’ etc.
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