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3rd Annual Ahi Invitational May 30th, 2020

Meet Director: Kevin Chester – ahi.invitational@gmail.com

Location: American Canyon High School, 3000 Newell Dr. American Canyon, Ca 94503

Pool: 16 lanes by 25 yards.  We will run 10 lanes for competition and allow 4 lanes for warm up and warm down.

Directions: From San Francisco – Take 80 East to American Canyon Rd, left at the stop sign onto American Canyon Rd, 2nd signal light is Newell Dr, make a right.  High School parking lot is on the right.  From Walnut Creek – Take 680 north merge onto 780 north to 80 east.Merge onto 80 east to American Canyon Rd.  Left at the stop sign onto American Canyon Rd, 2nd signal light is Newell Dr, make a right.  High School parking lot is on the right.

Rules: U.S.S. & Pacific Swimming rules will be in effect. Pay special attention to starting rules. False starts will be charged at the discretion of the starter and meet referee.

Eligibility: Swimmers will swim in the age group according to his/her age on June 15, 2018. A swimmer may swim up (in a higher age group) but must remain in the higher age group for the entire meet. Swimmers who have competed as a member of a U.S.S team after December 31st are ineligible. High school/college students may continue to train and swim for a U.S.S. team until the first day of school practice and remain eligible. March 15th is the last day for students to train and swim for a U.S.S. team. Swimmers who swim unattached in a U.S.S. meet at any time are eligible.

Warm-ups: Pool opens at 6:40 am for warm-ups. Once we have received all teams entries, we will assign warm up times and lanes to each team. No swimmer will be allowed in the pool without a coach’s supervision.

Start Time: Meet will start at 9:00 am.There will be a short coaches and officials meeting before the start of the meet at around 8:45 am.  Please listen for announcements regarding these meetings.

Awards: Individual Awards - 1st thru 8th Place - Ribbons. Team award for Most Spirited

Admission: Free.

Snack Bar: Opens at 7:30 am.Breakfast and lunch will be available.No food or drinks will be allowed on the pool deck itself.

Concessions: There will be an action photographer on site.

Entry Fees: $6.00 per swimmer Splash fee, $5.00 per swimmer per individual event --NO REFUNDS-- $8.00 per relay team per relay event.

Swimmers may compete in all four individual events, as well as both relays.

Entry Form: HYTEK Meet Manager will be used.  Please see supplemental page/instructions for this method.

IMPORTANT: Every swimmer must submit a time!  Please make every effort to supply a time (or estimate) for proper seeding.  Without a time, the swimmer will be entered for time only.  He/she will NOT be allowed to place or score points for that event.

Relays: In honor of the recent addition of Co-Ed Relays to the FINA line up of events we are offering those relays as well.  For Co-Ed relays teams will need 2 boys and 2 girls per relay.  However, the order of the relay is up to the coach to decide.

Work Requirements: Timing and recording assignments for your team will be based on the number of swimmers and will be forwarded to you after entries are processed.  Your team is responsible for their assignments all day.  You may choose to use as many people as you want to fill these positions.  Teams must provide their timers with stop watches, and workers must report to the timing area at 8:30 am for instructions.  Each team is required to provide three qualified Stroke and Turn Officials.

Entry Deadline: Friday May 15th - $100 Team Deposit due please mail to : 101 W. American Canyon Rd., #508-108, American Canyon, CA. Completed entry packet is due Monday – May 25th, 2020.  A completed entry packet includes 1) Team Information Sheet.  2) Team Fee Summary Worksheet.   3) Ahi Invite Meet Entry Form: a. Manual method (See format attached), or b. HYTEK Entry file AND a printed Entry worksheets (see separate instructions to submit HYTEK entries), 4) Check payable to “Ahi Swim Team” (please mail) 5) Proof of Insurance indicating current year swim team liability coverage for your team.  Provide a certificate of insurance naming American Canyon High School 3000 Newell Dr American Canyon, Ca 94503.  The insurance form is required for all teams. PLEASE - NO CHANGES OR LATE ADDITIONS

Email entries to: Kevin Chester at ahi.invitational@gmail.com

Saturday, May 30th
Girls Event Boys
1 8 & under Co-ed 100 Free Relay
2 9-10 Co-ed 200 Free Relay
3 11-12 Co-ed 200 Free Relay
4 13-14 Co-ed 200 Free Relay
5 15 & up Co-ed 200 Free Relay
6 8 & under 25 Fly 7
8 9-10 50 Fly 9
10 11-12 50 Fly 11
12 13-14 50 Fly 13
14 15 & up 100 Fly 15
16 6 & under 25 Back 17
18 7-8 25 Back 19
20 9-10 50 Back 21
22 11-12 50 Back 23
24 13-14 50 Back 25
26 15 & up 100 Back 27
28 8 & under 25 Breast 29
30 9-10 50 Breast 31
32 11-12 50 Breast 33
34 13-14 50 Breast 35
36 15& up 100 Breast 37
38 6 & under 25 Free 39
40 7-8 25 Free 41
42 9-10 50 Free 43
44 11-12 50 Free 45
46 13-14 50 Free 47
48 15 & up 50 Free 49
50 8 & under Co-ed 100 Medley Relay
51 9-10 Co-ed 200 Medley Relay
52 11-12 Co-ed 200 Medley Relay
53 13-14 Co-ed 200 Medley Relay
54 15 & up Co-ed 200 Medley Relay

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